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This is the entry page to a Discipleship Course focusing on overcoming the evil one and securing the glorious freedom that is ours in Christ Jesus. Find out who you really are in Christ - the truth will set you free!  If you are a Christian and in bondage or oppressed in any way you can obtain freedom!  If you are stuck in the sin-confess-sin-confess cycle and can't get out, you can!  God makes a way where there is seemingly no way.  If you are serious about getting free and becoming all that God's has purposed for you to be then these Bible Studies will show you directly from scripture how you can obtain the glorious freedom that God has and desires for each of His children.

As a Discipleship Course this whole Bible Studies section is designed to be read in order starting at Overview and proceeding to the right until you get to Cults & Heresies.   Each area of Study like Overview is designed to also be read in order from the top of the list down to the bottom.

This Bible Study can also be used as a Topical Bible Study by picking major topics at this level and then drilling down through the sub-topics.  It is also helpful to use the Site Search Bar in the upper right hand corner of each page.  You can also click on the Bible Studies Site Tree (also in the right sidebar of this page) to get a high level view of all the pages in this Bible Study Section.