Spiritual Manifestations

Root Causes of Spiritual Manifestations

Primary Secondary Physical
Queen of Heaven
Prostitution Fornication, Perversions, Adulteries Wrong Sex, Abuse
Pride Usurped Authority, Haughty Caste System, Party Spirit
Belonging Family Trees, Sexual Belonging, Peer Pressure Wrong Relationships
Merchandising Fashion, Indulgence, False Value Money, Usury, Wants
Idolatry Greed, Asherah Pole, Mother-Child Stiff-necked, Headache
Hiddenness Occult, Mystery, Fantasy, Lying, Protectionism Autism, Media, Absence
Witchcraft Magic, Spells, Charms, Divination, Tongue Drugs, Fetishes
Terror Panic, Fears, Phobias, Paranoia Nightmares, Flight
Emotions Rebellion, Stubborn, Anger, Mocker, Crying Extremes, Mask
Work Hunter, Independence, Lazy, Workaholic Play, Sloth, Busyness
Desires Opposed to Authority, Conquering Women, Power Lust, Stubborn, Cunning
Strength Hates Weakness, Loves Power & Money, Curses Weapons, Violence
Weakness Submits to Wife, Breakdowns, Tantrums, Shrinks Back Boy, Complaints, Self-pity
Religion Self-importance, Bully, Arrogant, Self-appointed Self-gain, Owning Disciples, Domination
Guilt Sin, Rejection, Hypersensitivity, Denial, Accusation Consequences, Judgment
Sleep Exhaustion, Spiritual Sleep, Euthanasia Closed Eyes, Blind Eyes
Prison Isolation, Bondage, Pit, Cave, Heaviness, Debt No Progress, No Change
Infirmity Diseases, Infection, Plague, Epidemic Sickness, Handicap
Past Memories, Old Sin, Daydreams, Obsession Fixation, Heirlooms
Condemnation Defiled Conscience, Haunting Voices, Words Insanity, Bowed Over
Destruction War, Break Down, Works of the Hand Destroyed Physical and Spiritual Damage
Corruption Decay, Cankerworm, Dirty Uncleanness, Stench
Torment Perverse Pictures, Blood Guilt, Unforgiveness Self-abuse, Driven




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