Power Encounter

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Power Encounters Bring Freedom

Freedom comes through spiritual warfare and the results are primarily experienced emotionally.

Power Encounter Model

...recently, the term has been used more broadly to include healings, deliverances or any other "visible, practical demonstration that Jesus Christ is more powerful than the spirits, powers or false gods worshiped or feared by the members of a given people group."2 The concept of "taking territory" from the enemy for God's kingdom is seen as basic to such encounters.


Power encounters contribute a different dimension to Christian experience. They focus on freedom from the enemy's captivity. Satan is the blinder (2 Cor 4:4), restricter, hinderer, crippler—the enemy who attempts to keep people from allegiance to God and truth.
Though he works on all human faculties, the enemy seems particularly interested in crippling people emotionally. If people are to move into commitment to Christ they need emotional freedom.
For the one who is healed, delivered, blessed or otherwise freed from the enemy's grip, the major payoff is freedom. However, for an observer the impact is likely to be quite different. If properly interpreted, the encounter communicates basic truths about God's power and love. The observer sees that God is worthy of his trust because he is willing and able to free people from Satan's destructive hold.
Although we do not call them power encounters, our demonstrations of love, acceptance, forgiveness and peace in troubled times—plus a number of other Christian virtues—play the same role of attracting attention and leading people to trust God. These all witness to the presence of a loving God willing to give abundant life and bring release from the enemy.

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Understanding Power and Authority

God’s Mighty Power (Ephesians 1:19-23)